Whenever a Redevelopment Committee or Sub-Committee is appointed, the Managing Committee (MC) has to prepare a set of rules and regulations for the functioning of such committees. The duties and functions of the Redevelopment Committee are to assist the Managing Committee during the entire process of redevelopment.

The rules and regulations of the Sub-Committee normally should consist of the following points: –

How the committee will be constituted by general body or by conducting the election.

How many members will be selected

Representation of member whether wing-wise or floor wise

Whether Members of the Managing Committee will be part of Redevelopment committee

What are the responsibilities of such Redevelopment Committee

Whom the Redevelopment Committee will report to

Frequency of meetings of the Redevelopment committee

Recording of minutes of the meetings

Whether the Redevelopment Committee gets dissolved on the dissolution or on the expiry of the term of the Managing Committee or to continue till the redevelopment is completed

Other issues pertaining to the respective housing societies:

Once the draft rules and regulations of the Redevelopment Committee are prepared, the same should be sent to all the members of the society including the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. Get the same approved in the specially called General Body Meeting and then constitute the Committee as per the rules. There must be maximum harmony and co-operation amongst the members of the Managing Committee, Redevelopment Committee and the resident members of the society. Any sort of rift between the two Committees should be avoided. Legally and ideally the Redevelopment committee should report to the Managing Committee and all the matters, problems, solutions and decisions should be discussed in the General Body meeting.

Redevelopment committee directly dealing with members or bringing the matter directly in the General body is not desirable at all and is not legally correct. For all legal purposes, it is the elected Managing Committee who is held responsible and accountable and not the Redevelopment Committee and therefore, there is no mention about the constitution of the Redevelopment committee in the Government Order dated 3.1.2009 issued for the purpose of redevelopment process to be adopted by the Housing Societies.