What is FSI? Floor Space Index (FSI) means the quotient of the ratio of the combined gross floor area of all floors excepting areas specifically exempted under these Regulations to the total area of the plot.

What is TDR? TDR stands for Transfer of Development Rights. It is a certificate from the Municipal Corporation that the owner of a property gets where his/her property (either part or whole) is reserved for the purpose of public utilities such as road, garden, school etc. The rights/ certificate, which are equivalent to the reserved portion, are obtained by the owner on surrendering his property to the Municipal Corporation. These rights/ certificate can then be sold to builders who use it for additional construction on their property.

Rule 34 of the Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay,1991 defines TDR which stands for Transferable Development Rights as under: ‘In certain circumstances, the development potential of a plot of land may be separated from the land itself and may be made available to the owner of the land in the form of Transferable Development Rights. These rights may be made available and be subject to the Regulations in Appendix VII hereto. Appendix VII lays down the rules for the grant of Transferable Development Rights to owners/developers and conditions for grant of such rights:

1. The owner (or lessee) of a plot of land which is reserved for a public purpose in the development plan and for additional amenities deemed to be reservations provided in accordance with these Regulations excepting under certain conditions shall be eligible for the award of TDR in the form of Floor Space Index (FSI) to the extent and on the following conditions set out below. Such award will entitle the owner of the land to FSI in the form of a Development Rights Certificate (DRC) which he may use himself or transfer to any other person.

2. Subject to Reg.1 where a plot of land is reserved for any purpose specified in Sect. 22 of Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act,1966 the owner would be eligible for DR’s to the extent stipulated in Rules 5 & 6 in this Appendix after the said land is surrendered free of cost or after completion of development.

3. TDR’s will be available only for prospective development of reservations.

4. DRC’s will be issued by the Commissioner himself giving details of FSI credit.

5. The built up area for the purpose of FSI shall be equal to the gross area of the reserved plot to be surrendered.

6. When the owner or lessee also develops or constructs the amenity on the surrendered plot at his cost, he may be granted a further DR in the form of FSI equal to the area of the construction/ development done by him.

In short, the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) means making available certain amount of additional built up area in lieu of the area relinquished or surrendered by the owner of the land, so that he can use extra built up area either himself or transfer it to another in need of the extra built up area for an agreed sum of money. It is designed to steer growth not to limit or stop development.